All right gentlemen, ladies, I don’t know you, your neighbors don’t know you, your co-workers barely know you, in a few words, the world doesn’t know you. But you have so many ideas, you want to get that new raise, be recognized for your work, get that ultimate contract, have more clients, grow your business.

In an ever growing world, how can I stand out of the crowd?

When I also entered the digital era, believe it or not, I continued to rely on business networking, postcards and business cards to try to let people know who I was and what I was doing for a living.

I joined several networking groups where one had a 30-second opportunity, called the elevator pitch, to introduced ourselves. Then we chatted with other people with the hope of getting some business and referrals.

After years of attending these meetings and talking to I guess five hundred people, I can count with my two hands the few referrals that I got. I asked myself: What’s going on? Where is the business? Am I on the right business?

Then I tried social media. I now have a decent number of Likes on Facebook, Followers on Twitter, Connections on LinkedIn and Followers on Instagram. But after a while, I still have not seen a real return on investment (ROI) from my social channels. I have analyzed exactly which social networks bring you real clients and customers and came to the conclusion that YouTube and Twitter are the best bets from my point of view.

But you really have to invest and understand how these social networks work in order to have a good number of subscribers and followers.

So, how are you really going to make yourself discoverable? The answer is: Blogging. Yes, you heard that right. Blogging will make yourself stand out. Why?

Because you are putting in writing who you are, your ideas, your projects, your solutions; what have you done and are doing in your career for your co-workers and the company you are working with or what are you doing to make your clients happier with your services.

That is what people like to know about you. With blogging, you have a direct connection with your readers who can become your potential leads and clients. And the best of all, is that blogging is indexed and searchable by Google. As they say, content is king. Either content in writing, audio or video. But you have to write that content somewhere and the best way is to put it in a blog.

This means that people searching on Google about an idea, issue or solution; they will find information on the Internet leading to your blog posts which have content related and they will show up on the search result pages. When people click on the links that appear on Google, they will be directed to your website. Plan to have your blog. Take the time to build it and publish it on the platform of your choice.

If you want to know more about how to build an awesome blog, come again to my blog. I am going to offer a course called Blogging to Success where I am going to teach you everything that you need to know to begin publishing great posts that will generate good leads.

Gentlemen, Ladies. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post.