In today’s world full new technologies and social media every day, sometimes men in their 20s forget to focus on how to make the most of their younger years a great part of their lives. At this age, you have all the energy to achieve anything that you want. I remember that I wanted to study two majors, obtain my masters degree, work at Disney or at any other entertainment industry, get a job that allowed me to travel the world. I was in a hurry to build my bank account so I applied to almost any big company that could encounter.

After some years, I began to realize that there were some key elements that at that age, all men should focus. Here are five advises for men in their 20s:

  1. Learn To Learn. Wait a minute. I just finished college and you are telling me that I need to continue learning?. That’s right. That is the main purpose of college or the university. They teach you how to learn, how to find solutions, how to think. So, take advantage of those new skills you have and go out to solve the most complex problems you can encounter.
  2. An Excellent Attitude is your Best Buddy. If you want people to give you their time and attention, you should always have a positive attitude toward people and towards the situations that you encounter. Always remain calm with a happy smile. You will demonstrate your great personality doing that.
  3. Collect Experiences more than Things. One of the things that will enrich your life enormously is having all sorts of positive experiences. Look for those positive experiences very closely. The ones involving doing something extraordinary are the best like, going skiing to Canada or Colorado, exploring Europe, learning other cultures and languages, discovering Asia, you name it.
  4. Read, read a lot of Books. Yes, fill your brain of all themes, from cooking to science, from personal growth to business, from dieting to novels and fiction. Learning from differents authors will teach how to interpret different points of view and it will help you create your very own opinion and creativity to different subjects or maybe, to subjects that you could invent.
  5. Build Quality Relationships. Knowledge and skills are not guarantee to give you all the success that are looking for. Having and nurturing quality relationships will give you the edge to be known and to begin building a legacy for the future. Remember, you are our words. So make sure that those words are listened by people who will support your ideas and later on, support your actions. Nobody becomes successful by being someone that can’t talk to other people.